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What really makes your colleagues tick? Ask them.

Time to go deeper and strengthen the connection of your team even more. Again, conversation is the vehicle. Meaningful conversation.

Give your team some time to prepare their answers to the following statements and then bring the team together and have everybody share their responses.

  1. I would describe my working style as:
  2. The best way I process information is by:
  3. If you need some help or have a question for me, the best way you can communicate with me is:
  4. You can respect my space by:
  5. Please don't interrupt me if:

When you're together as a team to do this exercise, ensure that your team is in the best possible space to be present and to listen


This exercise isn't about being precious, it's about understanding each other and how we work.

Once everyone has shared and you have the gold to propel your team forward, ask them how they want to use the information and support each other to be mindful of it going forward.