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mentor coaching fees & agreement 

Outlined below are the fees and terms that are applicable to all mentor coaching engagements. My aim is to provide the highest quality mentor coaching experience and to ensure your complete satisfaction in achieving your desired outcomes for the mentor coaching program.

Please read and sign the agreement below prior to the commencement of your program:

Mentor Coaching Program Fees

Ten session package: $1250 per month (plus GST) for three months*

Two sessions per month:              $750 per month (plus GST)#

One session per month:                $400 per month (plus GST)#

  • All mentor coaching sessions are 60 minutes

  • Our sessions will be structured around the areas of development that you identify as priorities

  • #Reviews of your recorded coaching session/s attract an additional cost (see below)

  • *For coaches who choose this option, we will complete the full ten hours of mentor coaching at a pace that works for you, ensuring that the program is spaced over a minimum of three months. This package includes two reviews of your recorded coaching sessions - with written competency-based feedback.

Session Cancellation Policy

  • Two business days’ notice is required for session reschedules/cancellations – the session will be rescheduled and completed in the nominated month.

  • Any session cancelled within two business days of the scheduled time will be forfeited.

Reviews of Recorded Coaching Sessions

  • Reviews of recorded coaching sessions include written competency-based feedback and are $750 (plus GST) per recording.

  • My recommendation is that you aim to keep your recorded coaching sessions around 30-40 minutes long. The ICF will assess coaching sessions of between 20-60 minutes in length but I recommend aiming for 30-40 minutes.

  • Please ensure that you have your client’s permission when recording sessions – I can help with ‘release’ agreements if you need them. 

Payment Policy

  • Payment is by credit card or bank transfer

  • For bank transfer, invoices are monthly in advance and payable within 7 days of invoice date.

Program Cancellation Policy

  • 30 days’ notice in writing is required to cancel your mentor coaching program so that we can finalise our work together.

  • You are welcome to have as many or as few mentoring sessions as is helpful in completing your requirements for ICF accreditation.

Process for Mentor Coaching Sessions

  • Client calls/meets coach at the scheduled time.

  • Session duration begins at the scheduled start time.

Other Terms

  • Coaching credential application results are not guaranteed.

  • I am here to support your learning and your growth as a coach so please let me know how I can best support you throughout this program together. 

  • My aim is for you to feel prepared and confident with your credential application and to enjoy the learning experience and our time together.

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