Coaching Testimonials

Here are a mix of testimonials from some of my clients over the years:

“You're an absolute legend Sam and a great support to me. You've been through this journey with me, you're a great bloke to bounce ideas off and your hard work deserves recognition.  In my opinion, every business owner should have one of you because it's such an important part of our development.”

- Mario Diaco, Diaco’s Garden Nursery Group


"Sam, sending heartfelt gratitude for your guidance, support and clever way you draw out the best in people. I was at such a low point when we first spoke and over the weeks you built back up my confidence, resilience, strength and courage. With renewed optimism, I'm looking forward to the year ahead."

JM, Executive Officer


"The program has helped me to structure my business, manage my workload, form positive habits and one of the best benefits is having someone to be a sounding board for my direction.”

- Nathan Harding, Director, Yo Media

"I'm quite rapt with where I am in my life and I suspect it would have taken me years (I kid you not) of deliberating had you not been so awesome at what you doMy life has changed exponentially (for the better!) since our first meeting and I am so grateful for your guidance and encouragement. Thank you for your professionalism, enthusiasm, acceptance, motivation and insight"

Genn C, Artist, Designer, Business Woman


"Clarity of thinking, clarity of goals, delivery, how to achieve outcomes, leadership – and how to consistently demonstrate it – have been the best outcomes for me from this program. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you Sam and I will continue to be on the look-out to refer people to you.”

- Damien Power, Vice President & Controller – Asia Pacific, Jacobs Engineering


“It is difficult to restrain my exuberance regarding how much Sam Patterson has assisted me this year. He provides a structural pathway that opens the channels of achievement and success and is an exceptionally gifted facilitator. The techniques, tips and guidance that Sam provided me with are tools that I use every day. They have made me fitter physically and mentally, and I have an optimistic outlook on life. I am eternally indebted to Sam for the positive impact his influence is having on my life.”

- Mark Gleeson, Teacher and Coach


"Sam has helped me tremendously through his ability to give me the support and space to find my own solutions. And I know his belief in me has been an important factor in the great results I am now seeing."

- Michele Troughear, Corporate Meditation Coach


"The most valuable part of the coaching is that I get to focus on myself for the allotted time each session - there aren't many situations in my work or private life where I get to be that indulgent and I feel that it helps me to put things in perspective."

- Sharyn Long, Sharyn Long Chartered Accountants


“Great job Sam! Your program encourages us to take a greater personal, individual and team development focus. Feedback from the team, individually and collectively has been extremely positive. All enjoy the approach you take and your ability to identify with the group.”

- Andrew O’Loughlin, Managing Director, Limelight Sports


"I have just received the evaluation report and was so impressed with the outcomes and improvements achieved in all key focus areas I felt it was worth sharing. I, and our staff, can highly recommend our Coach – Sam Patterson, and would be more than happy to discuss the program, and our experience, with anyone wishing to find out more.”

- Tracey McKay, Executive Officer


''I've been able to use my time better, he's given me more time to dedicate to the team. The junior group which Sam talks to … they have a voice too and it's been very successful in convincing those players they're a massive part of our team.''....''It's about developing leadership as a coach and leadership as players, he's been the 'go to' man really.'' 

- David Furner, Head Coach, Canberra Raiders NRL


"Members of my team have commented that the session you ran was the best and most challenging they've been part of in their professional careers."

- Jodie Knox, General Manager, ECMS


“Sam enabled me to translate my vision into tangibles, to focus on establishing a success mindset and together we created the goals and the strategy to take me from the ‘now’ to where I wanted to be. Sam’s coaching has equipped me with the skills necessary to develop a clear pathway to attain goals that were previously perceived by me as unachievable

- Matt D, Physiotherapist


“Sam has provided me with the skills to really get the best out of myself and my team. This has been achieved through growth in my confidence, assertiveness and leadership – all of which has had a phenomenal impact on my professional and personal life.”

- Carly Schubert, Early Childhood Educator


"I wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have taught me, for the times you have challenged me, for your encouragement and for the tools you have given me. For the first time in a long time, I have a clear understanding of what I want, what I can offer and have a confidence in myself to do what needs to be done."

- KR, Education Consultant

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